Hi! My name is Victoria Phillips, but you can call me Tori. I fell in love with the outdoors by looking out my kitchen window every morning. All it took was one bird, one butterfly, one falling leaf to completely mesmerize me. This love of nature inspired me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Earth and Environmental Science. Now, I’m a rising senior and it just keeps getting better!

This blog started out of an overflow of passion I have for both the natural world and storytelling. I hope this space can be a place to discuss the many ways in which art, science, people, and nature intersect. Perhaps together we can learn a thing or two about our world, from the ground up.

 Feel free to drop me a line anytime because a discussion can’t be one-sided!



A mockingbird sizing me up. taken from my kitchen window

3 Replies to “About”

  1. Your love of nature really shows and I will continue to follow your site and contribute with relatable topic on the environment. Thanks.


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